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Kattam : Part I

Good morning folks! It’s brunch time and here’s something for you to read while you eat to your heart’s content 😀

I am happy I took up the #50sareesthisyear challenge to encourage myself to wear sarees more often. I know you might think 50 is not a big number, but that’s almost one saree a week. When you look at it that way it does seem a little intimidating, at least to me 😀 But guess what? 20 days into this month I am already sharing my fourth saree post. Let’s keep this streak going, shall we?

For my fourth saree post, I chose a super gorgeous Chettinad cotton saree in pinkish-peach color from Kattam (website/ instagram). I also got a pair of statement jhumkas with tassels from them. Take a look at the pictures and let me know what you think.

The saree and the jhumkas make a complete outfit, don’t you think? I added just a couple of plain glass bangles in black because I liked the contrast.

And as the title says, this is just Part I of the Kattam series. Stay tuned because I have my fifth saree post coming soon!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Photos by : Bindush Benny & Nikhil Babu Thomas

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