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Kancheevaram : Part II

Thank you so much for all the lovely feedback and suggestions on Part I of the series. I am totally excited to share the second look with you all today. For those of you who are new to my page, I am doing a saree series with Kancheevaram, a brand based in Kochi. Do read part I of the series before you scroll down, I can assure you that you will love it!

The second look revolves around a Pochampally pure silk saree, very different from the Kancheepuram saree I wore yesterday. This one has a lovely black and silver-white checkered print body with a broad bright pink border. And don’t miss the print on the pallu! Gorgeous ikat work <3 I wore it with my favourite puff-sleeved black blouse that has a cute detailing on its sleeves. Black glass bangles, and beaded necklace and earrings were the accessories of my choice. I like how the black beads look against the bright pink border.

Like what you see? Then there are two things you can do. Firstly, head to my Instagram page and let me know your thoughts on this look. And secondly, head to the brand’s page and tell them how much you like their design (and don’t hesitate to order one for yourself while you are at it 😉 ).

Stay tuned for Part III. You are going to love it!

Photos by : Nijad Babu Thomas

Location : Forte Kochi, Fort Kochi

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